Monday, 20 May 2013

Lie Detector Polygraph HD

Lie Detector Polygraph HD is an amazing application to catch any one lying to you.
Who doesn't want to find out the truth? Don’t let anyone lie to you anymore.

Is it true or false? Have you ever cheated on your spouse? Your daughter is a porn star? Did you really had sex last night? Ask any question and just put your finger on the finger print scanning pad while giving the answer and the Lie Detector Polygraph test application will tell weather is a lie or truth.
How does Lie Detector Polygraph HD works:-
1.) Ask a question while your finger is on the finger scanning pad on the screen.
2.) Answer the question while your is on finger scanning pad.
3.) Remove your finger and that's all.
Lie Detector Polygraph test application will show weather its a truth or lie.
App Screen Shots: -

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