Thursday, 21 March 2013

Burst Camera HD

Burst Camera for Android. Burst Camera Shots enables you to take burst or multiple shots immediately one after another similar to some modern cameras. You can take up to 10 shots per second with this high-speed camera application. Burst Camera supports flash, zoom and you can easily switch between front and back camera. You can also mute the shutter sound and use it as a silent camera. You can hold capture button to take continuous / burst shots or tap for fast single shots. Enjoy this powerful camera App!!!!

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Email Lock

Get complete privacy and security of your Emails with Pattern Lock For Email. 
Afraid that anyone can access your emails on your phone and see your private messages ?
Email Lock is the solution for you. Email Lock gives a Pattern lock security for your emails and stops other from accessing your emails and read your
The Emails can only be accessible if you enter the pattern password correctly.
How To Use Email Lock:
1) When you open Email lock application for the first time you need to set a pattern password.
2) When setting screen opens, click on the Enable Email Lock to turn it on. 
You are done. Your emails are protected and now nobody else can open your emails and read your messages on your phone without your permission.

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SMS Popup Alert

Quickly read & reply to SMS from a popup window. SMS Popup allows you to view incoming SMS on your home screen & reply instantly. You won’t miss a single message since it will display on your home screen.
1.) Shows the name & profile picture of the person messaging you.
2.) Disable the application at any time.
3.) Directly reply sms to sender through SMS Popup.
4.) Directly mark sms as read through SMS Popup.
5.) Directly delete sms through Sms Popup.
6.) Quickly Reply to sender through predefine templates.
7.) You can also add your on templates.

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

App Lock

App Lock is the best tool to lock any application on your device. You can lock anything on your phone such as WhatsApp, Gallery, SMS, Email, Facebook, YouTube, Camera or any other app.
App Lock provide you two type of lock styles Pattern Lock and Number Password Lock. You can choose whichever you like for locking your apps.
Features: -
1.) Lock all the Native Applications & any Third Party Applications.
2.) Protect installed apps by using Password or Pattern Lock.
3.) Lock/Unlock all the installed applications on your phone.
How To Use App Lock:
1) When you open App lock application for the first time you need to set a password.
2) When setting screen opens click on the Enable App Lock to turn it on.
3) Click on Manage Applications button and the select the apps you want to lock form the list. All the apps that you will select will be locked. 
You are done. Your Apps are protected now.

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