Tuesday, 5 March 2013

App Lock

App Lock is the best tool to lock any application on your device. You can lock anything on your phone such as WhatsApp, Gallery, SMS, Email, Facebook, YouTube, Camera or any other app.
App Lock provide you two type of lock styles Pattern Lock and Number Password Lock. You can choose whichever you like for locking your apps.
Features: -
1.) Lock all the Native Applications & any Third Party Applications.
2.) Protect installed apps by using Password or Pattern Lock.
3.) Lock/Unlock all the installed applications on your phone.
How To Use App Lock:
1) When you open App lock application for the first time you need to set a password.
2) When setting screen opens click on the Enable App Lock to turn it on.
3) Click on Manage Applications button and the select the apps you want to lock form the list. All the apps that you will select will be locked. 
You are done. Your Apps are protected now.

Screen Shots: -
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