Thursday, 28 February 2013

Call Confirm

No more accidental calls – Call confirm ask for your permission before any call.
Unwanted calls are not a worry any more.
Make use of Call Confirm to save money $$$$$.
Call Confirm will stop your mobile to connect from any 
unintentional call at any time.
Be it an accidental click on the Call Button, when your phone is in the pocket.
Call Confirm is a wonderful application to have in your arsenal.
1.) It gives you the power of saving.
2.) It forces you to rethink to make any call
No more accidental calls – Call confirm ask for your permission before any call. Call Confirm saves you from accidental calls. Call Confirm is the best & useful apps to prevent unwanted outgoing call.

Fast Battery Charger

Boost you battery charging up to 30-50 percent. Is your phone taking too much time to get fully charged? Now you can change this with just one click. Get Fast Battery charger App and boost your phone charging speed. Fast Battery Charger works by optimizing your device settings and enhances your battery charging performance. All you need to do is just install this application and turn it on, so that it can work on background and speed up your battery charging.

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Lock for WhatsApp

Get complete privacy and security of Whats App with Pattern Lock For WhatsApp. 
Afraid that anyone can access WhatsApp on your phone and see your private conversations ?
Lock For WhatsApp is the solution. Whats App Lock gives a Pattern lock security for your WhatsApp messenger. 
The WhatsApp can only be accessible if you enter the pattern password correctly.
If you have naughty friends who like to send messages to other on your behalf from whatsapp, install Lock For whatsapp. It will still let them use the rest of the phone but block whatsapp from them.
How To Use Lock For WhatsApp:
1) When you open WhatsApp lock application for the first time you need to set a pattern password.
2) When setting screen opens click on the Enable Whats App Lock to turn it on.
You are done. Your WhatsApp is protected and now nobody else can open and see your WhatsApp messages without your permission.

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Network Signal Booster

Boost your mobile signals with just one click. Network Signal Booster provides you the best & fastest way to reset or increase your network signals. You just need to launch the app and it refreshes the device signal in a flash and gives a network signal boost of 25% - 50%. Launch this app when your phone signal gets down & you will see the difference on Mobile Signals instantly.
How to use: - Use this app when your phone signal gets down. Simply press the red button on the screen & the boost process will start instantly. It will take just 10 - 15 seconds & your phone network will be boosted.
Network signal booster optimizes your device settings and turns off the mobile signals and than restarts it again to get the best network available. As you may have seen every time when you restart you device you get the best network signals available. Network booster also does the same thing by just restarting your networks.

Photo Pencil Sketch

Photo Pencil Sketch is a great app to convert your pictures into an awesome Pencil Sketch. Photo Pencil Sketch app is very easy to use. You can convert any of your existing photo into a pencil sketch or you can take an picture form camera and instantly convert it into a pencil sketch.

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Fancy Text

Fancy Text app makes your message stylish and fancy with Fancy Text App.
Fancy Text app lets you make your text cool and stylish so that you can use it on your favorite sites and messengers like facebook, twitter, whats app, etc. Try it and you will love it. Very simple and easy to use.
To Convert your text into fancy text simply type your message on first text field. Your text will be converted into different fancy text style in the below fields. Simply click on the text you like and it will get copied so that
you can use it by pasting it any where you want.
Fancy text gives you 25 fancy text styles to choose from.